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The Interviews

[Genre] #drama

[Runtime] 20 mins #shortfilm

[Language] Mandarin

[Subtitle] English

[Cast] Grace Wei, Gillian Zhao, Melanie Tong

[Release Date] June 10, 2021 (Canada)

These days, who hasn't experienced a few unreliable job interviews? A good job isn't like a pie falling from the sky; it's not so easy to hit oneself in the head with it. If one attempt doesn't work, change companies and try again! No, no, no, for the protagonist Han Yingying, this is a job interview with no way out. In extreme embarrassment and facing a series of life-threatening challenges, she navigates through them, turns dangers into opportunities, and just when victory seems within reach, another unexpected event occurs. What was initially thought to be a clever twist of fate turns out to be a surprise twist that leaves everyone astonished. Life is full of ups and downs, truly exhilarating, but what's even more tear-jerking comes next...

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