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Successor II

[Genre] #drama #history

[Runtime] 35mins #shortfilm 

[Language] Mandarin

[Subtitle] English

[Cast] Jason Jin, Yan Li, Arthur Zhou, Yide Song

[Release Date] Feb 5, 2023(Canada)

After the Young Pioneers induction ceremony, Liu Hongxing was stopped by the school's Party Committee Secretary, who patted him on the shoulder. The teacher standing nearby was filled with excitement and said to him, "From today onwards, you are the successor of communism." Liu Hongxing firmly believed in this and quietly infiltrated at the grassroots level, eagerly awaiting the call from the central authorities. However, as years passed by, there was still no sign of the central authorities. Liu Hongxing grew restless, and he confided in his good friend Yajun, entrusting him with this secret and seeking his advice.

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