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The Famillie Rose Vase

[Genre] #drama
[Runtime]  17mins #shortfilm
[Language] Mandarin
[Subtitle] English, German
[Cast] Tanya FENG, Gillian ZHAO, Ethan GU, William Zhao, Aaron Liang
[Release Date] April 3 2023(Canada)

Jin Ling and Xiao Ming, who are deeply in debt due to poor business during the pandemic. They borrowed money from everywhere, but no one was willing to help them. Even debt collectors threatened to chop off Xiao Ming's hand. When they were at their wits' end, Jin Ling remembered a classmate from school, Su Yong, who she bullied for practicing Falun Gong. Jin Ling gathered her courage and went to seek help from Su Yong. Although Su Yong had been bullied before, she did not hold a grudge and readily agreed to help Jin Ling's family. She talked to her father and sold the pink vase in their house to Mr. Zhao in the front yard. The money they received was enough to help Jin Ling's family solve their debt problem. As time passed, Jin Ling and Xiao Ming's business gradually improved, and they planned to redeem the pink vase. However, they did not expect that the auction price had tripled, from one million to three million. But Mr. Zhao was also a kind person. After hearing the story of Jin Ling's family, he decided to return the pink vase at the original price. Through Su Yong's kindness and noble qualities, Jin Ling and Xiao Ming felt the true warmth between people.

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