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The Girl on a Bicycle

[Genre] #drama

[Runtime] 39mins #shortfilm

[Language] Mandarin

[Subtitle] English

[Cast] Gillian Zhao, Ethan Gu, Scott Song

[Release Date] Feb 5, 2022 (Canada)

Xinyi stands out from Xiaoshan's past relationships, captivating him with her intrinsic qualities. However, their love faces strong opposition from Xiaoshan's parents. Succumbing to pressure, Xiaoshan decides to end his relationship with Xinyi, yet memories of her linger deep within his heart. Persistently, Xiaoshan continues to appear along Xinyi's route to work in his BMW, yearning to encounter her. To his surprise, he discovers Xinyi seated on the back of a bicycle, accompanied by an unfamiliar man...

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