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Over the Moon in a Foreign Land

[Genre] #drama #scenic

[Runtime] 73mins #featurefilm

[Language] Mandarin

[Subtitle] English

[Cast] Alyssa Zheng, Brain Fang, Vicent Du, Leah Feng, Melanie Zhao

[Release Date] Dec 24, 2023(Canada)

The protagonist Lisa, a Chinese immigrant in Canada, works at the Canadian branch of a large multinational company. One day, the headquarters from their home country sends a team for a visit and sightseeing. The magnificent Niagara Falls, the emerald-like Lake Louise, the picturesque Dream Lotus Lake, and the Rocky Mountains with their glacier-covered peaks... As the group journeys through the beautiful landscapes of Canada, what kind of sparks will fly between them? What experiences will make them feel like they are in a foreign land, yet the moon shines fuller and brighter?

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