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Code of Revelation

[Genre] #drama

[Runtime] 346mins #shortfilm

[Language] Mandarin

[Subtitle] English

[Cast] Grace Wei, Jason Jin

[Release Date] May, 2018 (Canada)

Feng Shaoning is the technical director of a company, and his computer contains important company contracts and a top-secret file. To ensure security, he has encrypted the computer heavily; if the password is entered incorrectly, all data will be deleted. Suddenly, a group of people storms into his office and takes him away. Without the password, no one can access the computer. Mr. Xie, the company's CEO, is very frustrated and can't eat or sleep at home. However, a small gesture from his daughter brings a ray of hope.

Will the password ultimately be deciphered? What fate awaits the protagonist? And what earth-shattering secrets will the top-secret file reveal?

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