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Silver Screen Dreams

An A-lister actress ruined, a silver screen dream shattered. A grievous experience revealing the darker side of the entertainment business. Can a modern miracle revive one person and an entire industry? Silver Screen Dreams – a story about pain, healing, and forgiveness.


"Silver Screen Dreams’ storyline is extraordinary and uplifting,

and the message is engaging."

– American Golden Picture International Film Festival jury

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Bao Sheng GUO,

Political Commentator

I'm very touched. I teared up multiple times. We have to triumph over evil with compassion and repay resentment with virtue. This movie touted the power of faith. It is precisely what is lacking in society in today's China. We believe that righteousness will defeat evil and light will triumph over darkness in the end.

Paul Fletcher, 

MP, Shadow Minister for Science and Arts

Forgiveness, compassion, and of course bringing such a story to screen, as is done in this movie Silver Screen Dreams, I think is performing a great service. 

Dmitiy Kugel

Candidate, New York Assembly

It's a great work of art. The film was really really really well done, between the acting, the cinematography, and the script, the film was five stars. This movie shows us compassion and love for one another. Films like this, that have a message of humanity, help us grow. A very good movie that I would recommend to everyone. 
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